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DISTRO: Fist City - Hunting You LP


Image of DISTRO: Fist City - Hunting You LP

Bio from Dead Beat Records:

Fist City- Hunting You LP. On FIST CITY's debut album 'Hunting You', they skillfully cross-stitch different eras of punks rich historical landscapes to create mesmerizing brain blobs that are as much intriguing as they are familiar. Theirs a definate late 70's UK DIY aesthetic running through these grooves that resonates throughout the entire album. By fusing the agitated, post punk grit of bands like the Despertate Bicycles and the Raincoats with an acid soaked take on the Vaselines, Shop Assistants downer pop; 'Hunting You' shines through in it's doomy, pop-contaminated bliss. The spaced out vox give the tunes an eerie, almost goth-ey, vibe creating a nice washed out, claustrophobic back drop for the music. And intentional or not, it definitely sounds like FIST CITY have more than a few early 90's riot grrl records in their collective collections. But don't expect any pro-fem messages from the CITY. It's more in their music, as they channel the early 90's cling-clang of bands like Slant 6, Huggy Bear and Bikini Kill that echoes through their trebley, punk brandished scrawlings. Lotta great stuff coming out of Canada these days and FIST CITY are definitely at the top of the slop. Recorded by Paul Lawton of the Myelin Sheaths